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Wild Planet Explorers was founded by Joanna McFarlane to inspire future biologists & conservationists & to encourage children to find out more about animals & their habitats & to take action to save nature.

Joanna McFarlane is a qualified biologist & conservationist. 

Wild Planet Explorers sessions & presentations are designed for 3-18 year olds. They can be tailored for different age groups.

Sessions for 3-8 year old’s are fun educational & interactive and share amazing biology & conservation facts about animals using props, imaginative play, games & music. Wild Planet Explorers sessions are designed so learning is fun & to make it as easy as possible for children to remember the scientific facts.

Joanna also delivers dynamic and educational “Biology, Habitats and Conservation” presentation for 8-18yrs to introduce them to the Global Threats to Wildlife and to understand the difference they can make now an in the future in making conservation change happen. This can be tailored to also to include interactive sections for the younger of this age range.

Joanna can also deliver a presentation for any Career related group or event topic to talk to children/students about being a biologist or conservationist and/or why she ended up setting up her new business Wild Planet Explorers.

Wild Planet Explorers is a provider for STEM and delivers for Curriculum for Excellence and other National Curriculums.

Groups can also become 3P Pledge Champions and complete Wild Planet Explorer’s 3P Pledge Champion Award or become Forest Tiger Champions and complete Wild Planet Explorer’s Forest Tiger Champion Award.

 The 3P Pledge is a Wild Planet Explorers local community initiative to encourage all households to only throw the 3P’s (pee, poo, paper) down the toilet to address the build up of toilet waste locally in rivers, beaches and seas. The 3P Pledge Champion Award is delivered together with the 3 marine sessions – Orsom the Octopus, Cassius the Crab and Deepa the Dolphin for 3-8 year olds or via the Marine Litter Biology, Habitat & Conservation presentation for 8-18 year olds

Examples of the type of events & groups we deliver to are:

  • All scouts levels
  • All guide levels
  • All Boys Bridge sections
  • Family friendly music festivals
  • Any family events
  • Science Festivals
  • Themed events
  • Family local council events
  • Playgroups
  • Home Educator groups
  • Environmental and Nature events
  • Small parties

What do Wild Planet Explorer sessions and presentations cover?

For children of 3-8/9 yrs 

Wild Planet Explorers delivers 12 different sessions, covering amazing animal biology, habitat and conservation facts about 12 different animals/animal pairs or groups.

The current sessions available are below. Each animal has a clear conservation message related to its habitat (e.g. marine litter, sustainable fishing, building homes for nature, forest destruction/palm oil, invasive species, our reliance on species). Sessions use interactive props, music (where appropriate), games, activities and imaginative play to help the children learn the biology facts about the animal. The children learn how they, their group and their families can help the animals:

  • Orsom the Octopus
  • Cassius the Crab
  • Deepa the Dolphin
  • Ava the Albatross
  • Finto the Frog and Tess the Toad
  • Jungo the Tiger
  • Little Red and Big Grey the Squirrel
  • Bumble, Walleena and Hum (Bumblebee, Wasp & Honeybee)
  • Roddy the Robin and his Feathery Friends
  • An introduction to climate change and global warming
  • Big Spotted Cats – Cheetahs, Leopards and Jaguars
  • Spindelia the Spider

Each animal can be linked to an ongoing biology, nature, habitat, conservation topic, project, award, badge or  event theme and

Wild Planet Explorers can offer notes to the a group leading up to a session if required.

To find out more information, please email me at

For 8/9 yrs – 18yrs

Wild Planet Explorers delivers a dynamic and engaging 1 hour presentation introducing children and students to the topic of Biology, Habitats and Conservation and the Global Threats to Wildlife, sharing dramatic conservation stories and explaining how biology, habitats & conservation link with one another. The presentation also aims to inspire children to study biology and that they can make a difference to the natural world around them. This can also be delivered as part of the 3P Pledge and Forest Tiger Champion Award.

The presentation is delivered by Joanna McFarlane, biologist an  conservationist with 20 years of experience working in this field  can be delivered to large or small groups.

For testimonials, please visit my website and if you would like to speak to other groups or events who have invited Wild Planet Explorers in, I would be very happy to put you in touch with them.

Useful Information for Event & Group Organisers

Younger sessions can be indoors, outdoors or online and require a large space for props for children to move around in. Chairs for those watching are required although parental & group leader participation is encouraged. Older sessions are online or inside and requires seating for the children and  2 tables, a plug socket, powerpoint projector and screen. 

Sessions are 40 minutes long and children receive a sticker and a handout to take home to families. I require 30-40 minute set up & 30 minute breakdown due to the nature of some of the props.

The ideal number is 15 for each session, however we are very flexible around numbers so please just get in touch to discuss further.  Sessions can be run consecutively with a 20 minute break between to re-set up.

Cost depends on number of sessions but I understand the restrictions on budgets so prices are negotiable where possible. Please contact me for more information.

Sessions can be linked to most event themes.

I am a member of the PVG Membership scheme, have Basic Disclosure, 2 million Public Liability Insurance, all music performing licences and full work risk assessment.

If you would like more information or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact: Joanna McFarlane.