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Please note all sessions for 3-9 yrs are now available online or outside as well as inside. For 9 yrs+, presentations are available online and in person.

All sessions and presentations have been developed in line with COVID 19 Health and Safety guidelines.

Wild Planet Explorers was founded by Joanna McFarlane to inspire future biologists & conservationists & to encourage children to find out more about animals & their habitats & to explore and take action for nature. Joanna McFarlane is a qualified biologist & conservationist. 

Wild Planet Explorers animal biology and conservation sessions, presentations and awards are designed for 3-18 year olds. They can be delivered & tailored for different age groups & classes.

Wild Planet Explorers delivers for STEM/STEAM, Interdisciplinary Learning, Curriculum for Excellence topics, Science – Planet Earth, Biodiversity & Interdependence & Topical Issues & Social Studies – People, Place & Environment as well as other topics.

Children can also take part in Wild Planet Explorer’s 3P Pledge Champion Award and Forest Tiger Champion Award which both deliver for other Eco Awards such as the John Muir Award and Eco school. 

Joanna can also come in during your World of Work week or Career related school, nursery or group topics to talk to the children about being a biologist or conservationist &/or why she ended up setting up her new business Wild Planet Explorers.

Wild Planet Explorers can offer teacher notes to the nursery or school to help lead up to each session and ideas for follow on activities if required. If a school has a curriculum topic related to nature, conservation, sustainability or the environment that they need help with, please get in touch with Wild Planet Explorers and we may be able to deliver a presentation about the topic for you.

For testimonials, please see a few from teachers below, visit the website or visit our Facebook page for reviews and comments at

If you would like to speak to other nurseries and schools who have invited Wild Planet Explorers in, we would be very happy to put you in touch with them.

Jo brought her Wild Planet Explorers sessions to Limekilns Nursery & Primary School. Our children were fully engaged in a carefully planned blend of discussion & activity. Jo’s passion for & knowledge of the environmental themes is evident in her thorough presentations. Our teachers were also very appreciative of the detailed teacher notes that were provided. They were brilliant for both preparation & follow up work.” Anne Marsh, Headteacher Limekilns Nursery & Primary School.

FOR 3-9 YRS (nursery to P4)

Animal Biology and Conservation sessions for 3-9 year old’s are fun educational & interactive and share amazing biology and conservation facts about animals using props, imaginative play, games, music and song (optional depending on age).

Wild Planet Explorers sessions are designed so the learning is fun and to make it as easy as possible for children to remember the scientific facts and how they can help the animal and habitat afterwards from their home, nursery or school.

There are 8 (soon 9!) different animal/animal groups sessions shown here to choose from, with the related conservation message that is shared at the end of each session:

  • Orsom the Octopus – marine litter from the toilet (20% of Scotland’s marine litter) and impact on wildlife – focus on plastics
  • Cassius the Crab – beach litter and impact on wildlife – focus on plastics
  • Deepa the Dolphin – Great Pacific Garbage Patch and impact on wildlife – focus on plastics
  • Ava the Albatross – sustainable fishing and albatross bycatch
  • Finto the Frog & Tess the Toad – creating homes for frogs and toads
  • Jungo the Tiger – palm oil related deforestation and resulting tiger decline
  • Little Red & Big Grey the Squirrel – story of the red and grey squirrel and impact of invasive species
  • Bumble, Walleena & Hum (Bumblebee, Wasp & Honeybee) – importance as pollinators but not only them! (flies etc)
  • Coming Soon! Roddy the Robin and his feathery friends – decline of certain garden birds.

Children can also complete Wild Planet Explorer’s 3P Pledge Champion Award by attending Orsom the Octopus, Cassius the Crab and Deepa the Dolphin sessions if 3-9yrs or the Biology, Habitats and Conservation presentation – Marine Litter and the Circular Economy if 8/9-18yrs (see below).

They then complete 3 further actions to receive their I’m a 3P Pledge Champion certificate. For more information please visit our 3P Pledge page via the Menu or email to find out more about the actions for your nursery or school.

School children can also take part in Wild Planet Explorer’s New Forest Tiger Champion Award, by attending the Jungo the Tiger session (for 3-9yrs) or the Biology, Habitats and Conservation presentation – Forest Tiger Champion Award for 8/9-18yrs (see below), where children help tackle the issue of unsustainable palm oil and resulting tiger decline. For more information please contact

For 8/9-18yrs 

Wild Planet Explorers delivers a dynamic, current, topical Biology, Habitat and Conservation presentation introducing these subjects to the children and sharing different conservation stories depending on what the school topic is. Presentations will be tailored to different age groups and each presentation shows the children how they can help.

These stories include marine litter and circular economy messages, palm oil related deforestation and species decline, an introduction to the challenges of Scottish forest management for wildlife, sustainable fishing and albatross bycatch among others.

Please see testimonials below and above.

Useful practical information for teachers!

Sessions for 3-9yrs require a good sized space for layout of props and for children to move around freely. Sessions range from 45 minutes (3-5yrs) – 1 hour (p1-P4) to up to 1.5hrs  (P5-P7 and older). Ideal number for 3-9 yrs sessions is up to 20, however there is flexibility if groups are slightly larger than this due to class sizes.

Presentations for 8/9-19yrs require a large screen, a laptop to connect a USB to, access to the internet and sound to show a few short films, one table and space for the children to sit. There is no maximum number for these presentations.

I require 30-45 minutes set up time and ideally I would be able to bring my car close to the entrance of the school or nursery due to the amount of kit i need to unload, especially for the 3-9yrs sessions, less so for the presentations.

Sessions can be run consecutively with a 15 minute break between to re-set up. Please email or call 07860 154837 for more information and prices.

I am a member of the PVG Membership scheme, have 2 million Public Liability Insurance, all music performing licences & full work risk assessment.

“Jo was extremely flexible in meeting our needs and relished the challenge of engaging 57 children- and my goodness were they engaged! From start-to-finish, the children actively participated in their learning about conservation. They loved how Jo made the learning real and how she related her own experiences to them.

The children still remind us of facts they have learned from the workshop and are very passionate about their role in conservation- exactly what we aimed to achieve. We could not recommend Jo enough- thank you so much for making the learning purposeful and, even better, fun!”

Terri-Anne McLean & Primary 6, St.Margaret’s Primay School Dunfermline Fife

Wild Planet Explorers is delighted to be a STEM/STEAM provider focusing on animal biology & conservation for 3-18year olds & have already delivered our fun, educational & interactive animal biology & conservation sessions in schools & nurseries across Scotland.

If you are a teacher developing a biology, habitat or conservation topic, please do get in touch to see how Wild Planet Explorers can support the delivery of this in your nursery or school.

“I would highly recommend Wild Planet Explorers for all, the staff running the session were fully aware of children’s learning and kept them fully engaged. The activities were interactive and fun for both the children and the staff from the nursery. Everyone attending the session learnt something new.” Jackie Chalmers, Early Years Practitioner, University of Dundee Day Nursery.