Wild Planet Explorers brings amazing animals to life in a memorable way & hopes to inspire the biologists, conservationists or maybe even the next David Attenborough, of the future!

Wild Planet Explorers can offer 45-60 minute sessions for 3-9 year olds or a 60-90 minute Biology, Habitats & Conservation interactive presentation for 8/9-18yrs (visit the schools section for more info at https://wildplanetexplorers.co.uk/nurseries-schools/)

For 3-9 year olds:

Sessions share amazing animal biology & conservation facts about an animal or animal pairing. The animals are: Orsom the Octopus, Cassius the Crab, Deepa the Dolphin, Ava the Albatross, Jungo the Tiger, Finto the Frog & Tess the Toad, Little Red & Big Grey the Squirrel and Bumble, Walleena & Hum, (Bumblebees, wasps & honeybees).

Your child will learn amazing animal biology & conservation facts  through a lot of fun, imaginative play, background music, games & interactive & visual props. For each animal, they will also find out how they can help the animal & where it lives. I work closely with organisations in Scotland, the UK & globally to ensure your child & your family receive the latest conservation messages hot off the press.

There are no live animals, but there are plenty of crowns, hula hoops, sticky slugs, treasure chests, castanets, antennae & bubbles (among other things) to keep our Wild Planet Explorers busy! I can tailor my delivery across the 3-9yr age range & I am always happy for younger/older siblings to participate at parent’s discretion or to watch for free if they do not participate.

If you have already attended the Wild Planet Explorers sessions, you can participate in Level 2 of Wild Planet Explorers & take part in new awards including 3P Pledge Champion Award and Forest Tiger Champion Award. Please email Jo on joannamcfarlane@wildplanetexplorers.co.uk for more information.

Please my testimonials page for some of the children’s, parents, nursery, school & event reactions so far.



Wild Planet Explorers has moved online to deliver sessions for families.

To see the latest sessions advertised, please visit Wild Planet Explorer’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/wildplanetexplorers

Wild Planet Explorers is also delivering all sessions for 3-9 yrs outside for schools, nurseries and groups. Older presentations are available online or in person also.

If you cannot make these dates and times, Wild Planet Explorer’s delivers to many nurseries, primary schools and Scout and Guide groups and at events and festivals, so it would be great if you could let them know about Wild Planet Explorers!

Wild Planet Explorers sessions at after school clubs, STEM, science and music events across Scotland so please like & follow our Wild Planet Explorers Facebook page to see where you can join in the fun!

If you would like to attend Wild Planet Explorers sessions but there are none currently in your area, please do email info@wildplanetexplorers.co.uk and let us know where you are. You can help us plan our future venue bookings!

If you would like Wild Planet Explorers to visit your child’s nursery, school, Home Educator, Scout & Guide or any other group please contact Joanna on joannamcfarlane@wildplanetexplorers.co.uk.


Ready to book a session? Or would you like more information?
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