The 3P Pledge Champion Award

What is the 3P Pledge Champion Award?

The 3P Pledge Champion Award is a Scottish based community initiative led by the environmental education venture Wild Planet Explorers.

The 3P Pledge Champion Award asks every individual to pledge to only throw pee, poo and toilet paper down the toilet & nothing else (you can be sick of course!), including flushable and biodegradable toilet wipes and period products. The 3P Pledge Champion Award then encourages participants to raise awareness to others and take action to tackle marine litter and other litter closes to their homes and schools.


The aim of the 3P Pledge Champion Award is to stop the blockages and resulting overflow of toilet waste into local streams and rivers, on to beaches & into seas. This not only impacts on our safe enjoyment of our waters & beaches but also has a huge negative effect on wildlife in the seas through pollution, in particular through plastic ingestion.

The 3P Pledge Champion Award is mainly focusing on toilet related marine litter e.g. toilet wipes including biodegradable and flushable ones, period products including period towels and liners, and tampons, cotton buds, nappies, contact lenses, plasters and other items. All these cause blockages and flooding of these items on to our beaches and into our rivers and seas.

If you attend Wild Planet Explorer’s 3 sessions of Orsom the Octopus, Cassius the Crab and Deepa the Dolphin for 3-8 yrs, or the Biology, Habitats and Conservation Presentation on marine litter for 8-18yrs, the Award also shows how toilet waste fits into the wider issue of marine plastic pollution not just locally but also globally. This is optional.

Great British Beach Clean 2021

To find out how bad litter really is on our UK beaches including sewage related litter, why not take a look at Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch Report 2021 .

How do I take part?

You can take part online or attend the Wild Planet Explorers sessions and presentations and then complete the award.


Individuals (adult or child), Families, Nurseries, Schools, Groups and Businesses

The 3P Pledge Champion Award asks participants to complete 4 actions:

Action 1 : Understand the problem of marine litter stemming from toilets and other plastic sources.

Action 2: Take ownership of the problem and pledge to never flush anything bar the 3P’s.

Action 3: Raise awareness and encourage others to do the same.

Action 4: Take practical action to clean up the litter on beaches, in playgrounds, at parks, in streets local to you.

The 4 actions are the same for everyone who takes part in the Award however HOW each action is completed varies. The Award is designed to be easily achievable & fun for individuals, families, groups, schools, nurseries and businesses.

On completing the Award each individual will receive an I’m a 3P Pledge Champion each and/or We’re 3P Pledge Champion’s certificate celebrating their achievements.

The 3P Pledge Champion Award delivers for school curriculum outcomes, for Eco Award such as Eco Schools, John Muir Award and for many Scout and Guide badges and awards.

To find out the detail of what actions you need to do as an individual, family, class, school, nursery, group or business, please email Wild Planet Explorer’s 3P Pledge Champion Education Manager Joanna McFarlane on

Many families, Scout groups, nurseries and schools are already taking part in the Award across Scotland, please scroll through the posts on the Wild Planet Explorer’s Facebook page to see some of their amazing pledge pictures and photos of what they’ve been up to!

The 3P Pledge Champion Award is a wonderful opportunity for you to both help clean up litter but also help prevent any more entering our rivers and seas by spreading the message.

The Award is fun, you’ll learn lots and you’ll make a difference not only to wildlife and the seas but also to others, by encouraging them to take action too and make their own difference!

Scouts taking action for their Award!
Scouts taking action for their Award!

You can spread the word as part of your 3P Pledge Champion Award by:

1. Sharing you have made the 3P Pledge with this logo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Text or on your email signatures. 

Use & copy the below logo from this page & use on any other social media or publication that helps spread the message.

When sharing your pledge, please share the Wild Planet Explorers 3P Pledge link to this page if you’d like to which helps others understand why you’ve made the pledge & the level of sewage on our beaches through the MCS Beachwatch 2019 litter report on the same page.

2. Why not tell everyone you have become a 3P Pledge Champion when you’ve completed the award?

Become a 3P Pledge Champion for YOUR local village, street, town, city, business, charity, school, nursery or group.

3P Pledge Champions complete the 3P Pledge Champion Award & lead the way on the 3P Pledge in their local area, promoting the messages of preventing & cleaning up marine litter. They have full use of the 3P Pledge logos & are able to set up their own community 3P Pledge Champion Facebook pages.

3P Pledge_I'mChampion_RGB


Working with local schools, 3P Pledge Posters are now up in public toilets in some West Fife Villages in Scotland

How do I get started?

Please get in touch with Joanna McFarlane, Wild Planet Explorer’s 3P Pledge Champion Award Education Manager on or via the Wild Planet Explorers Facebook page Wild Planet Explorers

Joanna will explain how you achieve the award if you are an individual, family, group, nursery, school or business. Remember all the actions are the same, how you achieve them will vary.

Thank you for playing your part in cleaning up our seas, rivers and beaches.