Nursery and School In Person Visit Testimonials

“Jo has been coming to us for over 6 years delivering an exciting and educational Wild Planet Explorer class 1 day per month to our pre school room. Each session is based on different wildlife and conservation topics teaching children how to look after the planet, care for the environment and how to be responsible citizens. The children and staff love and look forward to each class every month!” Sharon, Sara and Hassina, Busy Bees Newhaven Edinburgh 

“Jo was extremely flexible in meeting our needs and relished the challenge of engaging 57 children- and my goodness were they engaged! From start-to-finish, the children actively participated in their learning about conservation. They loved how Jo made the learning real and how she related her own experiences to them.

The children still remind us of facts they have learned from the workshop and are very passionate about their role in conservation- exactly what we aimed to achieve. We could not recommend Jo enough- thank you so much for making the learning purposeful and, even better, fun!Terri-Anne McLean P6, St.Margaret’s Primary School, Fife

“I would highly recommend Wild Planet Explorers for all, the staff running the session were fully aware of children’s learning and kept them fully engaged. The activities were interactive and fun for both the children and the staff from the nursery. Everyone attending the session learnt something new.” Jackie Chalmers, Early Years Practitioner, University of Dundee Day Nursery (3-5yrs).

“Jo brought her Wild Planet Explorers sessions to Limekilns Nursery & Primary School. Our children were fully engaged in a carefully planned blend of discussion & activity. Jo’s passion for & knowledge of the environmental themes is evident in her thorough presentations. Our teachers were also very appreciative of the detailed teacher notes that were provided. They were brilliant for both preparation & follow up work.” Anne Marsh, Headteacher Limekilns Nursery & Primary School (nursery – P7)

Jo visited our school last year to deliver Deepa the Dolphin to my P3/2 class and I couldn’t wait to have her back again this year! My P2/1 class have been studying Under the Sea and I knew that Deepa would be perfect for them too. This year Jo delivered 3 sessions in a morning and did another fantastic job. Jo is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient and has the special talent of teaching children important and relevant facts whilst simultaneously keeping them engaged, busy and having lots of fun! Her props, music and activities fit perfectly, everything is planned with precision and is age and sage appropriate. The children loved their session and all teachers involved were praising Jo for being so amazing. I would highly recommend her and will definitely invite her back soon. Wild Planet has left a lasting impression on budding young conservationists and biologists! Mairi Bray, P1 and P2, Bridge of Allan Primary School

“A fun, interactive session which the children participated in from start to finish. Very informative and pitched at the appropriate level.” Limekilns Nursery staff (3-5yrs)

“The children all really enjoyed the session on dolphins. There were lots of opportunities for the children to participate in the session through activities and games which kept them engaged throughout. I expected the children would find the content tricky however it was very well pitched and at a great level for their age and stage.”

‘My class really enjoyed when Joanna came in. They particularly enjoyed participating in the different games.  Joanne had lots of exciting and different resources which made the children really engaged. The children also had the chance to be involved in the various activities which was great for them and kept them from being unsettled. My class were amazed by the amount of waste in the sea and were shocked about how harmful plastic bottles can be to sea life etc. They regularly refer to why it is important to have a re-usable plastic bottle. Thanks to Joanna for a really enjoyable session.” Kirsty McDowell and Orlaith Mackell P2 teachers, St Marie’s RC Primary School, Kirkcaldy, Fife




Family Testimonials (classes, groups, holiday sessions and events)

“My 6 year old daughter loved this class. She learned so many interesting facts that she has shared with anyone who will listen. Jo was amazing with all the kids.” Tracy, mum to Catriona 6.

“Joanna had our son Andrew, who’s 4, gripped for the whole session.  It was both fun and informative and encouraged him to think about the natural world and he still talks about what he learnt weeks later.” Michael, Andrew’s dad.

Dino really really enjoyed your enthusiastic session. In fact on the way home he asked if we could start coming twice a day! And then just before bed tonight he asked if we could go again tomorrow. He’s not a fan of ‘classes’ per se. So a big thumbs up!  Susie, mum to Dino 3.

“My 5.5 year old has had such fun with Jo. Each session is well organised, fun and super informative. We’re still singing ‘Orsom the Octopus’ mum Nitai

“Thank you so much for performing for our girl, Matilda, yesterday.  She has been talking about “going to the octopus sanctuary” all day.  She absolutely loved it, and so did we.” Hugh & Janne, mum & dad to Matilda, 3.

“Wild Planet Explorers was so much fun for the kids and my daughter still remembers lots of facts about the creatures, I would highly recommend this workshop!” Nicki, mum to Laila, 4.

Dylan proudly displaying his Wild Planet Explorers certificate after completing the first 8 sessions

Dylan proudly displaying his Wild Planet Explorers certificate after completing the first 8 sessions.

My daughter absolutely loves the classes. I have been having a real issue with her not wanting to go to nursery, swimming etc but she got her shoes and jacket on herself when I said we were going to your class so clearly she is loving it. She’s been loving reporting all her new knowledge to her big sister and investigating more. Linda, mum to Sadie, 3.

“I love Orsom the Octopus!” Laila, 4.


One of the many fantastic Wild Planet Explorers nature boxes that children like Amelia (3) made & filled with all her finds from family nature walks!

I worried that this class could be too dry for my just 3 year old (turned 3 the 2nd week of term) but boy was I wrong. She LOVES it! Jo has managed to turn facts and figures and extremely important conservation messages into a super fun class. My daughter loves it and looks forward to it all week…and in between she is reciting the songs and information to family and friends and collecting nature treasure. Thank you for an awesome (or orsom?!) class, great that I’m learning too. Jo, mum to Amelia, 3.

My son loved becoming a Wild Planet Explorer. He was so excited to discover where the animal was hiding each week and has had great fun showing off how frogs jump, crabs scuttle sideways and tigers hunt (sorry Grandparents!). He has definitely learned a lot about our planet from these classes and I have too! Katie, mum to Finlay, 3

Joanna runs brilliant, fun, and inventive classes which leave the children (and the parents) full of facts and enthusiasm for the world around them. Cate, mum to Sadie, 3

“Wild Planet Explorers came to the Aberdour festival this summer. The kids still remember Cassius the Crab and how long some can live. Would definitely recommend this! Pegs, mum to Daisy 5 & Edith 3.

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