About Wild Planet Explorers

Wild Planet Explorers JoannaHello, my name is Joanna and welcome to Wild Planet Explorers!

After working in nature conservation and environmental education for over 25 years and hearing the statistics on species and habitat decline across the world (an estimated 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours!), and inspired by some incredible wildlife experiences and by my own little girl’s wonder at the natural world, I have founded Wild Planet Explorers.

Through Wild Planet Explorers I want to inspire and empower more children to care and take action for nature and through my sessions, presentations and awards, I want to help conservation charities and groups by passing on their conservation messages for free to more children, families and communities.

I believe encouraging a care for nature and our planet at an early age is the key to safeguarding wildlife and the environment for the years ahead. I believe that it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can be the solution to the problems we face, whether that be climate change, species and habitat decline, pollution or deforestation for example.

Many 3 year olds have shown me this, with parents reporting after my Wild Planet Explorers sessions that they have been enthusiastically taken to the beach by their pre-schooler to pick up litter, have had to wait patiently in supermarkets while their child searches for sustainable logos on bananas and coffee packets and that they have spent all weekend collecting sticks and leaves to build a home for hibernating frogs and toads at the bottom of their gardens.

I also want every pre-schooler and primary school child to know what a biologist and a conservationist is and that this is a career option. I want children to know what the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering are so that when they choose their subjects at secondary school, they know what subjects they are choosing and what career it could lead them to.

Learning should be fun and interactive so I usually combine animal biology and conservation facts with imaginative play, music, loads of interactive props and games for 3-9yrs! There are no live animals in my programmes, but the children have a lot of fun getting to know Orsom the Octopus and his friends and what actions they can do to help them and their habitat. I also deliver a programme for 9-18yrs, focusing on the Global Threats to Wildlife and what role they can play in helping effect change.

With the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, I moved Wild Planet Explorer’s online, engaging families with amazing facts, props and interactive activities they could do with their children throughout the session. Of course I missed seeing the children in person but it amazed me how engaged the children were and that the online launch of Wild Planet Explorers was such a success. As of 2022 I now offer my programme online to schools, nurseries and families through an new online global environmental education programme, which gives me the amazing opportunity to meet even more children around the world.

Please visit https://planet.educcateglobal.org/WildPlanetExplorersJuniorshttps://planet.educcateglobal.org/WildPlanetExplorersKids and https://planet.educcateglobal.org/WildPlanetExplorersJuniorsandKids to find out more.

Also as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, I now also deliver all my younger sessions outdoors also to schools, nurseries and groups which is loads of fun and has required an even larger and more powerful bubble gun!

In different ways Wild Planet Explorers looks to support or deliver projects that work to aid in nature conservation and improve the health of our environment locally and globally either through our own projects e.g The 3P Pledge Champion Award and Forest Tiger Champion Award or by supporting other not for profit organisations e.g by being a Sea Champion for the Marine Conservation Society, Scotland Regional Lead for eduCCateglobal and a proud partner in the successful Have you Got the Bottle campaign led by APRS, for a Scottish Deposit Return Scheme.

Through Wild Planet Explorers, I hope to inspire more naturalists, biologists, zoologists, conservationists, environmentalists, rewilders, wildlife photographers, educators and who knows, the next Sir David Attenborough might be a new Wild Planet Explorer!